zFRAG v1.1: Random Sector Defrag and Free Painting!

zFRAG v1.1

First major update for the Zen Hard Disk Management Tool, to address some of the feedback that has been received!

Random Sector Defrag

Part of the charm of the defrag process is to watch those sectors move around randomly, as if the stars in the night sky were to align before our own eyes!

Free Painting

Because, why not?!

Full Changelog

  • Implemented Random Sector Defrag
  • Implemented Free Painting Mode
  • Fixed an audio-related bug where channels wouldn't turn off properly
  • Switched raster graphics for Sectors  with plain text
  • Refactored the Options Menu

Thank you all for playing and for sending me precious feedback!


zFRAG-v1.1_WIN.zip 20 MB
Sep 03, 2019
zFRAG-v1.1_MAC.zip 20 MB
Sep 03, 2019
zFRAG-v1.1_LINUX.zip 20 MB
Sep 03, 2019


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This is interface from MS DOS era! I have a nostalgia about this!