zFRAG v1.2.0: Bad sectors!

zFRAG v1.2.0

After almost 2 years, here comes a new update for the Zen Hard Disk Management Tool!
The only properly tested version is the Windows one, so beware!

Bad sectors!

You can now select the percentage of Bad Sector occurrence in your zHDD! Whether it is a relaxing feature or not, I can't really tell.

Full changelog

  • Added: Bad Sectors
  • Added: +\- buttons to increase\decrease Bad Sectors percentage of occurrence in the Options
  • Updated: Unity Engine updated to v2019.4.28f1
  • Removed: unused packages, looking to reduce build size further

You can always look at the changes I made on GitHub!

Thank you and happy defragging!


zFRAG-v1.2.0_WIN_x64.zip 17 MB
Jun 19, 2021
zFRAG-v1.2.0_WIN_x86.zip 14 MB
Jun 19, 2021
zFRAG-v1.2.0_MAC.zip 20 MB
Jun 19, 2021
zFRAG-v1.2.0_LINUX.zip 17 MB
Jun 19, 2021


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