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this game was SO cool. the concept was great and the art fit the aesthetic perfectly. i agree with the other reviewer that the news feed was super hard to read, tho. i really liked getting to play as both characters and the hacking sequence was fun too. great job!!!

That was quite interesting. So much that I wish this was a demo and I could find out more about the story at some point. The only thing that didn;t work for me is the font used n the news screen. It's way too pixelated and very hardto read. Other than that,  a great job!

Looks great. Any mac version on the way ?

Installation with itch Client is not supportet.
Please can you fix this.
Thank You

Hi! Thanks for the message. Can you please check if it's working now?

Quick!, Nice!
Yes it is working now.
Thank you. 👍‍‍


Cool game!! Are you going to continue it sometime?


Ah, I just played this and I really enjoyed the atmosphere! I just wish we could find out more about this world someday.


I absolutely love this game, its really special and should really get more attention. The music is fantastic. The art is amazing. The story is quite cool. it really reminds me of games like Beneath a Steel Sky, and The Red Strings Club. the only major downside is that its really short...


really love the experience! i love the dystopian-type vibe, the characters esp. the Dreamer's interesting. i wonder what the ending may be for the story. i'm only new at playing indie games and all i can say is that it's awesome!!!! thank you for this game so much

Thanks a lot, EmceeRed!
And keep on playing indie games: there are awesome titles out there made by awesome people!

loved it! very fun!!

Thank you very much!

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Unfortunately not. Currently, the engine we used to develop this game does not support Mac releases natively.

I didn't play a lot of Point and Click in my life, but this one was amazing !

 Thank you for the experience.

Thank you so much, Akiba127! :)
I hope that more point and click adventure games will be part of your gaming life!


It's a pretty neat game, I liked the graphics and puzzles although the ending was a bit abrupt.

Thank you, Blondbraid!
I am glad you liked it, despite the ending being abrupt :)

Every once in a while we poke each other about whether it would be a good idea to get more out of this game or not, but - mostly because of the shortage of available time - we didn't really settle to do so.

What Chris means is that every so often I suggest that making the full game would be a really good idea and he either ignores me or laughs (and then ignores me) :-D

I did actually come up with a reasonably detailed plot synopsis but as Chris says, it's a case of everyone having time, and that hasn't happened yet.

Still, never say never... 


Lovely to see ALD get some recogtion as one PC Gamer's Best Free Games of the Year 2017!


I love this! The old school style, a dystopian future where everything goes wrong, kooky characters. Yup, you've got me!

Keep up the great work! =)


Thank you, MikeyBlighe!

Loved your video and can't wait for Part 2 :)


Ask and ye shall receive haha! Took me a while to get past the Fixer, but from then on it was (mostly) plain sailing!

Awesome stuff, some great world-building too. There's so many stories about this place that could be told =)


Thanks again! Since I can't decide which part I prefer more, I'll consider this as a whole :D
Other than fun it's also interesting to see where you got stuck the most and why! I guess I'll have to thank you twice!

My type of game , although wish it was longer .

the gameplay was good and the dialog was nice too !

thanks for the experience .

Thank you very much, carboknight! Really appreciate your comment :)

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Thank you meta dreamr! No multiple endings, so that's it!
Yeah, we worked on it full speed during that game jam, also thinking about expanding it, but never really got around to do it... Just yet? Who knows! :)

im stuck at the terminal

Hi vampcute! Thanks for playing!
Can you please tell me more about it, so that I can help? If necessary I could open a hints section on this game's page.
Thank you!

You are very welcome I find this game very interesting I love it but the im having trouble at the terminal part where theres a computer and theres like a list of errors that you need to fix and its really difficult for me to figure out how to fix the terminal. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say and please do open a hint section on the games page that would be very helpful.

Hint #1
 - type HELP to get back to the main menu of the terminal!

Hint #2
- Among all the missed tickets, there is apparently a single one that managed to get through!

Hint #3
- The system crashed and cannot be rebooted! Maybe reverting it to a previous working version will work

Let me know if you need me to be more specific and thanks again for playing! :)

thanks for the hint bro i'll let you know if I need more hint or help :) and you are very welcome ♥


An interesting game similar to the one I like.


Thank you AnTHONY_!
Glad you liked it!